The Southwind School 2005
World Tai Chi Day, Arcadia Park
Back Row L - R: Master Richard Vera, Sergio Rodriguez, Sifu E.
Orlando Ayala, John, Sifu Steven Perez
Front Row L - R: Daniella Rodriguez, Dave Ramsey, Art Mooney,
Khrystil Perez.
Welcome to the home of the Southern Five Chinese Boxing Academy

We hope you enjoy your journey here and might choose to join our family.

The Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy was officially founded December 17, 2006, by two Sifus of the Southern 5
Family/5 Animal System (Ng Ga Kuen)who choose to work in cooperation to continue the legacy of the Southwind School
of Classical Kung Fu headed by Master Richard Vera and the legacy of one of Chinese kung fu’s most prominent
individuals, Grandmaster Wong Ark Yuey.

  • Sifu E. Orlando Ayala who has spent over 25 years training under Master Richard Vera (Ng Ga Kuen) and has
    focused much of his studies on the internal aspects of the system. Sifu Ayala is also a certified Physicians Assistant
    since 1992.

  • Sifu Steven Perez has spent over 30 years in the Martial Arts and is the protégée of Sifu Louie Martinez (Ng Ga
    Kuen). Sifu Perez is also a certified instructor of Lima Lama under Master Eric Schafler.

S5CBA opened its doors in January of 2007 with its 2 sifus and 3 students. The school has continued to grow and
consistently and with the help of those of you out there who are interested will be able to expand our ever growing family.

Here at S5CBA, we maintain a strict adherence to Traditional Kung Fu training which consists of:
8 Empty Hand Forms
5 Family Forms (Fut Ga, Hung Ga, Choy Ga, Li Ga, Mok Ga)
5 Animal Forms (Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, Crane
5 Advanced Animal Forms (Lion, Panther, Bull, Horse, Elephant)
18 Traditional Weapons Forms
2-Man Hand & Weapon Forms
Body Conditioning and Iron Skills

However, in understanding that many individuals nowadays either don't want, don't need, or don't have time for a
Traditional training program, the sifus of S5CBA have integrate many new and innovative concepts and methodologies, and
specialized training programs to meet the needs and wants of a variety of interested groups and individuals.

The Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy (S5CBA) has in the past and continues to participate in many events and
activities individually and in cooperation with other schools, groups and associations. The school offers a wide range of
studies to public and private students as well as providing seminars and workshops on specialized topics. The programs
available include the following: Traditional Chinese Kung Fu, Modern Self Defense, Strength & fitness training, children’s
self defense, Self Defense & Fitness for the Elderly, Rape Prevention, and Security & Law Enforcement Tactics.
Southern Five Chinese Boxing Academy  2006
Monterey Park, CA
Back Row: Sifu Orlando Ayala, Wendall, Forrest, Peter
Center: Orange, Kim, Sifu Steven Perez
Front Row L - R: Ivan, Daniela, Khrystil, Daniel.