Southern Five Chinese Boxing has implemented a new childrens program "Little Lohans". This
program is aimed at students between the ages of 5-9. This is a traditional course of study, consisting
of 5 levels, which provides an complete training regimen for children. Little Lohan Students learn
practical self defense techniques, dealing with bullies, defense against abusive adults, avoiding
abduction, it also provides the children with traditional strength and fitness training, environmental
awareness training, practical response training, realistic simulations, weight loss and management
techniques, concentration skills and increased self esteem. The course of training borrows from each
of our other programs and prepares interested students for entrance into our Traditional Kung Fu
The 5-Levels of training are as follows:

Level 1 "The Gray Crane" here, the student will work at developing BALANCE, both
physical and mental. The Crane also emphasizes focus and patience.

Level 2 "The Yellow Tiger" at this stage, the student will work at developing STRENGTH of
mind and body. The Tiger also emphasizes tenacity, persistence and confidence.

Level 3 "The Green Snake" at this middle stage the student will work at developing the CHI
which nourishes the mind and body. The snake also emphasizes endurance and adaptation.

Level 4 "The Black Leopard" at this advanced stage, the student will work to develop a
QUICK MIND and AGILE BODY. The Leopard also emphasizes alertness, awareness, and

Level 5 "The Golden Dragon" in this final level, the student works at developing POWER of
body and mind by combining all the previously learned material. The Dragon also emphasizes
reflection and insight.

Upon completing all 5-Animals, the student will have the option to move into our Traditional Kung
Fu Program as a ranking student.
To contact S5CBA for fees and scheduals or to request further
information, please choose the appropriate button.