The Traditional Kung Fu Program offered by S5CBA carries on the legacy of Grandmaster Wong Ark Yuey. We pass on to
our students 300 years of unchanged tradition by providing a full course of instruction in Nam Pai Sil Lum Ng Ga Kuen
(Southern Shaolin Five Family Style) which includes:

  • Hand Forms
  • Weapons Training
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Chi Kung (Qi Gong) & Meditation
  • Iron Palm and Iron Body Skills
  • Dim Mak
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

The program is also ideal for those looking for an overall balanced program. The program produces results in the following
areas: self defense, mental awareness, cardio-vascular fitness, stress/tension relief and management, increased strength and
endurance, weight-loss and maintenance.

The core curricula covered in this program includes Ng Ga Kuens Traditional Hand Forms:
  • Basic Forms (Salute, Small Cross, Butterfly, Combination, Blackbird and Kun Yam Palm)
  • Five Family Styles (Fut, Hung, Choy, Li, and Mok)
  • 5 Animal Styles (Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, and Crane)
  • and the 18 Classical Weapons of the Southern Sil Lum 5 Family System.

Advanced studies in this program are also available.
The final aspect of our Traditional Kung Fu Program is training in the Internal Arts. It is only through the
development of the internal energies of Qi, Jing, and Yi that one can cultivate and harness true "power" and only
after training of the Shen (Spirit) can one truely be a master of themselves. S5CBA therefore focuses hevily on
both hard and soft Chi Kung (i.e. Iron Skills training and Kan & Li Chi Kung), Lin Kong Jing (Empty Force training),
and Shen Kung (i.e. Standing and Seated Meditation). We also incorporate Tai Chi and Yoga training to further
help our students develop to their fullest potential. Ng Ga Kuen has a rich lineage of Internal training and S5CBA
proudly passes these skills on to our students.
Southern Five Chinese Boxing Academy emphasizes the training of 18 Classical Weapons (nine long weapons
and nine short weapons) of Sil Lum. Which 18 are taught varies among all styles and lineages. Ng Ga Kuen
consists of 36 different weapons plus additional hidden/secret weapons. Like training of hand forms weapons
training, as well , should not be overlooked. The weapons are extensions of the body and learning to use the
18 Classical Weapons emphasized by S5CBA helps the student to attain perfection in the execution of their
movements; helps stabalize the foundation; helps perfect development of the body and the breath. The 18
required by S5CBA are as follows:
Basic External Skills (Ji Ben Wai Gong/Gei Bun Ngoi Gong 基本外功) or Basic Movements (Ji Ben Dong Zuo/Gei Bun
Dung Jok 基本動作) are the fundamental external aspects of Ng Ga Kuen. These “Basics” are  the most vital part of
the training, as a student cannot progress to the more advanced stages without them. The training of Basics include
such things as strengthening of muscles, bones and tendons, endurance training, breath control, proper stretching
exercises, etc. In Ng Ga Kuen, as taught by S5CBA, a student begins with learning the correct posture & mechanics
of the stances, punches, blocks, and kicks. The 18 Monk Boxing Lines, which combine basic movements with
fundamental concepts follows. Next, the student works on developing power & speed utilizing weight training and
dynamic tension exercises to increase strength and mobility; stepping drills and zigzagging around obstacles
develops craftiness & speed. Training continues with balance drills and exercises which are traditionally done on top
of a Plum Flower Post formation. The final  basic training aspects to be developed are focus and issuance of power;
this training employs the use of a wooden dummy for blocking and stuffed bags for punching & kicking. Basic
Internal Training (Ji Ben Nei Gong) lessons of proper breathing are also included in basic training.
Forms training in Ng Ga Kuen is an important aspect in developing the mind, body, and spirit; it also teaches the student self
defense skills. Forms are increasingly more difficult at each stage of training, forcing the student to continuously progress and
develop. This forms training begins with 6 standard forms (Salute, Small Cross, Butterfly, Combination, Blackbird and Kun Yam
Palm) as well as several 2-man forms; some lineages may also include additional basic hand forms. At the secondary level, the
first form for each of the traditional 5 Animals of Siu Lum (Tiger, Snake, Dragon, Leopard & Crane) are taught to the students
(note: each of the 5 Animals consists of several forms which are taught at later stages to students wishing to specialize in a
particular animal) as well, the student will learn several combined animal forms (ie. Tiger Dragon, Tiger Crane, etc). The third
level of training continues the students development of mind, body and spirit by teaching the second Traditional set of 5 Animals
(Panther, Horse, Elephant, Monkey and Lion) as well as a combined 10-Animal form. Upon entering the fourth level of training,
the student will learn the 5 Family forms (Fut, Hung, Choy, Li and Mok). In the fifth and final level, the student completes their
training with all remaining empty hand, 2-man and animal forms (Southern Longfist, Ng Ga Kuen Mantis, Southern Eagle Claw,
Bull, Chicken, etc).
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