Students choosing this path will have several differences from our public students each of which is explained below:
The cost for our 36 Chambers Program is $45/mo (cost is subject to change for future students) but your cost will never
change. Whatever the cost is when you enroll, you have our guarantee that it will remain the same up to Black Sash.

The Curriculum of those testing for rank is slightly different than that of our public students in content as well as
completeness. As well, access to continued training is done manually, rather than automatically, upon successful
completion of each training module. Regarding content, we assume that students who wish to test for rank intend to
complete their training and one day teach Ng Ga Kuen; therefore, the curriculum follows a traditional progression and
includes form variations and supplemental forms which assists our future Sifu's in understanding and complying with the
various lineages within our 5 Family System of kung fu. In terms of completeness, the requirements for ranking students a
much more rigorous than for public students as each form is broken down and explained in detail especially in regards to
combative application & adaptation which are both a necessity for a Sifu.

Ng Ga Kuen consists of more than 200 hand and weapon forms. Here's a brief summary of what traditional Ng Ga Kuen
training includes: 6 basic forms (Salute, Small Cross, Butterfly, Blackbird, Combination, Kwan Yin Palm); Southern 5
Animals (Snake, Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Crane); Southern 5 Families (Fut, Hung, Choi, Li, Mok); 18 Weapons (3'
Stick, 6 1/2’ Staff, Spear, Broadsword, Straight Sword, Butterfly Knives, 10’ Pole, 3-section staff, Chain Whip, Single
Knife, Double Daggers, Double Broadswords, Tiger Hook Swords, 9-Ring Broadsword, Fan, Cane, Kwan Do, Tiger
Fork); 5 extraordinary animals (Panther, Lion, Bull, Elephant, Monkey); Secret animals (Eagle, Mantis, Chicken); 5 levels
of Iron Palm; 1 Internal Iron Palm, 3 levels of Iron Body; Several internal forms; 5 Animal Chi Kung, Morning Breath, etc.

As already mentioned, the required curriculum for ranking students is somewhat different from that of public students. In
addition to the physical curriculum students must also be successful in the academic curriculum of S5CBA; these
academics include Ng Ga Kuen philosophy and concepts, historical information, traditions, terminology, herbalism, etc. At
this level of training the student is also required to follow school etiquette and protocol. Proper tools (ie weapons &
training devices), Official school uniform(s), and other S5CBA regalia are also required. All Distance Training students
have the option to purchase the following required materials at any time through S5CBA (A fee schedule will be provided
in a separate email):

  • S5CBA’s official uniform,
  • S5CBA patch,
  • S5CBA t-shirt,
  • S5CBA student handbook

Additional training materials required at various stages of training may be purchased through the school (all students have
the option of outside purchase or may construct their own supplies).

Ranking students have privileges available to them that public students in our Distance Training Program do not:

  • Top ranking students in good standing will be rewarded from time to time with forms and information restricted to
    Sifu's only.
  • Select top ranking students will have the opportunity to undergo a discipleship ceremony
  • Ranking students will have the opportunity to train for and be certified as a S5TTU Master Instructor.
  • Ranking students will be listed in the same capacity as in person students in our lineage.
  • Ranking students will be allowed under special circumstances to be certified as a S5CBA Coach with the ability to
    teach individual forms as they are learned.
  • Ranking students will have the opportunity to open a branch S5CBA school.
  • Ranking students will be granted password access to restricted material on our website.
  • Ranking students will have guaranteed access to S5CBA Sifus.

Ranking students must prepare to be tested on any & all material presented to them by S5CBA. The test for the physical
portion may be submitted via most digital video formats (DVD & VHS submissions are acceptable as well); the academic
portion of the test will be conducted via a written test, live interview, or both. Testing, in accordance with S5CBA policy,
will only be accepted every 3-months (every 6 months for all sashes above red). Testing for S5CBA Assistant Sifu, Sifu
of Ng Ga Kuen and S5TTU Master Instructor must be conducted in person.

NOTE: S5CBA holds itself and its students to the highest standards and does not sell or negotiate rank. If your
performance or knowledge does not meet our minimum qualifications you will be required to continue retesting until a
successful score is achieved.
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Q: You say that the tuition cost is guaranteed up to Black Sash, so what happens after that?
A: If you wish to continue your training beyond Black Sash, you must also enroll in our Instructor Training
Program (S5ITP). Total combined cost of the two programs is discounted to $150/mo.

Q: The description says that we can be certified as S5TTU Master Instructor. What is that and is it required?
A: Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy is a combat oriented school and S5TTU (Southern 5 Tactical Training
Unit) focuses entirely on the tactical aspects of combat and self-defense. This training integrates a variety of
self-defense methods with tactical intelligence, Use-of-Force principals and training of the combat mindset. Basic
S5TTU training is required for Sifu certification; S5TTU Master Instructor certification is strongly encouraged
but not required.

Q: What if I try your course and dont like it, do I get my money back?
A: You will be issued a full refund if you notify us within the first 45days of training that you are dissatisfied
with our program.

Q: If I don't have access to a computer, is this program available on DVD?
A: Yes. We can provide any of our programs on DVD. NOTE: distance training by DVD has additional costs for
materials and shipping.
TESTIMONY from a few of our 36 Chambers participants:
Londell from Ohio~ "I have wanted to learn Ng Ga Kuen since the 80's but could never find a Sifu in
my area. I would reccomend this program to anyone wanting to learn REAL kung fu. Sifu Perez is a
true expert and is always helpful with answering any questions I have".
Franklin from Germany~ "This program is the best. I have studied martial arts for 27 years and have
discover through this program that there is still much for me to learn. Thank you Sifu Steven and
Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy for make this wonderful program available".
Rob from New Mexico~ "I was formerly the student of another Sifu both in-person and by video. After
joining with Southern 5, I realized how inferior my previous training had been. If you're looking for the
real thing, this is where you'll find it. The program and the sifus are AWSOME".
Christine from Canada~ "I enrolled in the 36 Chambers to learn Traditional Chinese Martial Arts
mostly for health. However, due to the great emphasis the Sifus put on the self defense aspects, I
have taken an unexpected but welcome detour from my original path. Thank You Southern 5".
Mary from Australia~ "I was a Outer Temple student for a year and decided to switch to the 36
Chambers to focus on learning Ng Ga Kuen. This is some of the best training I've ever had".
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