(Public Distance Training Program)
Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy's Outer Temple Program is an online training opportunity offered to
the general public. This program offers the student the opportunity to experience a wide variety of internal
& external martial arts training methods, forms, weapons, and self-defense techniques. Extracting material
from the array of knowledge contained within the leadership of S5CBA, we provide the student with
training from:

  1. Ng Ga Kuen
  2. Northern Shaolin
  3. Bak Mei
  4. 7-Star Praying Mantis
  5. Wah Lum Mantis
  6. Choy Li Fut
  7. Hung Gar
  8. Mok Gar
  9. Fut Gar
  10. Lima Lama
  11. Zi Ran Men
  12. Jook Lum Mantis
  13. White Tiger
  14. Tai Chi
  15. Wudang Internal Arts
  16. Chin Na
  17. 18 Daoist Palms
  18. etc.
Most training modules in this program will consist of 1. Basic training, 2. Hand Form, 3. Weapon Form 4.
Internal Set. A few modules will be strictly focused on conditioning and self-defense; and a couple will focus
purely on healing and internal training.
How It Works:

  • Fill out enrollment forms

  • Make monthly payment of $15/mo.

  • Log in to our Outer Temple program to begin your training

  • Receive automatic access to a new module every 4 months

  • Enjoy your training

  • Couldn't be more simple.

Q: So, you've mastered all these styles?
A: No. What we present in this program is first hand knowledge that we have acquired, in-person, over many
years of training. We do not claim or imply that we are an authority on everything presented. The only disciplines
that we are fully certified to teach in their entirety are: Ng Ga Kuen, Lima Lama, Chin Na, and Mew Hings 18
Daoist Palms.

Q: Do I receive a certificate of completion for each form?
A: No. This program is presented to provide you with an opportunity to experience a wide variety of trainings
but is not a comprehensive course of study in any particular style. Those who complete all of the training
modules will receive a certificate of participation.

Q: What if I like and want to train in one of these styles?
A: If you enjoy one of the styles we are certified to teach, we would be happy to bring you on as a student. If
you would like to pursue further study in another style, we will be happy to direct you to a source of instruction
that we endorse.

Q: If I don't have access to a computer, is this program available on DVD?
A: Yes. We can provide any of our programs on DVD. NOTE: distance training by DVD has additional costs for
materials and shipping.
Jayce from Florida~ "I'm a karate practitioner and was looking for something different that I could use
for demo and competition without going through the process of learning a whole new style. This
unique program from Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy is just what I was looking for".
Devin from Montana~ "This program has been great. I was looking for some quick and easy self
defense training and I found it here. I'm thinking about moving over to the 36 Chambers program.
Thank you Sifu Perez for all your help".
Amar from India~ "I have been wanting to learn Chinese Martial Arts for a long time but did not know
which one to choose. With this program I can try different styles before choosing ones".
Stephan from UK~ "A bit raw but best choice for balance of quality and cost".
Mary from Australia~ "Really impressed! Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy's online program is
better than most in-person courses I have tried. Going to transfer to their 36 Chambers Program".
TESTIMONY from a few of our Outer Temple Program participants:
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