This is the only established and tested program that allows Distance Students as well
as In Person Students to begin teaching Ng Ga Kuen almost immediately.
S5CBA has developed a new Instructor Training and Certification Program. This is
a 5-Year Contracted program that allows already established Martial Arts
Instructors to begin integrating/teaching Ng Ga Kuen within their first year of
training. This is an intensive training program not open to all. There is an extensive
interview and evaluation process that must be successfully completed and approved
before being accepted to the program. Training is conducted via the following
methods: Online video and assistance, DVD instruction, Written material, In-person
private instruction.

Applicants must meet one or more of the following requirements:

Must have an established school for 1+ years
Must have verifiable Instructor certification from a qualified and verifiable
Must have 3+ years training in Ng Ga Kuen (minimum qualifications are
Must be able to demonstrate mastery of Martial Arts Concepts, Philosophies
and Training Modalities

Applicants chosen to participate in this program will be ‘Conditionally Certified’ as
“Coach” of Ng Ga Kuen and upon successful completion of our Instructor Training
Program will be fully certified, by Southern 5 Chinese Boxing Academy, as Sifu of
Ng Ga Kuen and Master T.A.P.S.S. Instructor. Successful students may be offered
further training at that time.

For more information or to enroll in this program, please contact:
Sifu Steven Perez via email:
Quick FAQ's

‘Conditionally Certified’ indicates that the participant will be issued certification,
based upon agreeing to and meeting conditions set forth by S5CBA. Conditional
certification does not equal rank and may be revoked at any time.

Coach indicates those who have been "Conditionally Certified" by S5CBA and who
are instructing others, under the direction and supervision of S5CBA. Participants
will issued rank as well as coach certificate upon receiving a passing score at each
level of instruction.

Why have a 5 Year Contract? The contratct is in place to guarentee a long term
committment  which benefits both parties (enrolee and S5CBA). By way of the
Contract and its conditions, the reputation & integrity of S5CBA and Ng Ga Kuen
is protected. As well, the public is protected from fraudulant/unskilled individuals.

You can find out the status of any instructor claiming to represent S5CBA by
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