S5CBA developed this program after realizing that many of the students in our Traditional Kung Fu classes
were not really progressing in their fighting skills and when asked why, the overwhelming response was
that these students had no real interest in martial arts; they were simply attending for the "workout". When
asked if they would be interested in a more "workout" oriented class, the answer was "definately!" and so
we responded with developing our 18 Monk Strength and Fitness Program. The rest is history!

This is a quarterly program which restarts every 16 weeks. The program is aimed at weight-loss, toning,
and general improvement in health. This course of study utilizes an integrated approach borrowing from our
Traditional Kung Fu program (18 Lines of Southern Sil Lum, the 18 Lines of Northern Shaolin & Power
Issuing), Traditional body toning and strength training (Isotonic & Isometric Exercises, Weighted
Workouts, Weight Training) Classic Eastern practices (Power Yoga, Qi Gong), Special Forces workouts
(Rangers, S.E.A.L.S., Spetsnaz) and Modern alternative training methods (Pilates, Crossfit Training and
Visualization Training). As part of the program, we also offer advice, guidance and training in regards to
beneficial diet and nutritional supplements.

Our progressive training method presented in this program has been developed over several years of trial
and error. We begin the training with 4 weeks of low endurance cardio and strength development to help
the student develop the abilities necessary to accomplish the more strenuous activities of the remaining 12

The second 4 weeks focuses on high intensity cardio and endurance training to assist the student in
cardiovascular improvement and weight loss.

The last 4 weeks of this program are focused on body toning and the psychological and physiological
aspects of continued training and health maintenance.

Our instructors are well trained, with most (but not all) being trained or certified in kinesiology, nutrition,
and as personal trainers. Although this is a class setting, all of our instructors make every attempt to
personalize the training for each student enrolled.

So whether you're looking to lose weight, get in shape or just improve your overall health, this may be the
program for you.

Cost of the program is $500 for first time participants. $250 for returning students.
For more information on dates times and availability, please contact Sifu Steven
Perez at (562) 508-6185 or email admin@southern5.com

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