Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Course of study offered by S5CBA carries on the legacy of Grandmaster Wong Ark Yuey (300
years of unchanged tradition) and provides a full course of instruction in Chinese Martial Arts (Hand Forms, Weapons Training,
Qi Gong & Meditation, Iron Palm and Iron Body Skills, Dim Mak, and Traditional Chinese Medicine). The program is also ideal
for those looking for an overall balanced program. The program produces results in the following areas: self defense, mental
awareness, cardiovascular fitness, stress/tension relief and management, increased strength and endurance, weight-loss and

The core curricula covered in this program includes the Southern Sil Lum 5 Family Kung Fu System (Fut, Hung, Choy, Li, and
Mok); the Southern Sil Lum 5 Animal Styles (Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, and Crane); and the 18 Classical Weapons of the
Southern Sil Lum 5 Family System. Advanced studies in this program are also available.

Little Lohans is structured to suit students between the ages of 5-9. This is a traditional course of study, consisting of 5 levels,
which provides an overall program for children. Little Lohan Students learn practical self defense techniques, dealing with
bullies, defense against abusive adults, avoiding abduction, it also provides the children with traditional strength and fitness
training, environmental awareness training, practical response training, realistic simulations, weight loss and management
techniques, concentration skills and increased self esteem. The course of training borrows from each of our other programs
and prepares interested students for entrance into our Traditional Kung Fu Program.

36 Chambers of Ng Ga Kuen this is our premier online Distance Training Programs program offered by S5CBA. This course
makes available our Traditional Kung Fu Program on a global scale. There are 36 levels of training available to the student
which collectively cover the entire curriculum of Ng Ga Kuen.  Students of the 36 Chambers learn everything that in-person
students learn, they may also test for rank and be certified via a variety of methods. This is the most complete and most
successful Traditional kung fu training ever available to distant students.


Outer Temple Program (public)  our public Distance Training Program is composed of much of the same traditional Ng Ga
Kuen material that is offered in our 36 Chambers closed-door program. The public program does not include academic material
and does not offer the ability to test for rank or to receive certification of any type. What the program does offer the student is
the ability to learn traditional kung fu including applications, Chi Kung, and high level techniques; for their own enjoyment and
personal development. Students of this program study at their own pace and are given access to successive levels every 4

18 Monks Strength & Fitness Program offered by S5CBA, this program is suited to those looking to lose weight, improve
their overall physique, or increase their strength and cardiovascular levels. This course of study is based upon our Traditional
Kung Fu program but modified to be more aerobic and anaerobic, and to target specific areas of concern. The curricula
consists of the 18 Lines of Southern Sil Lum, the 18 Lines of Northern Shaolin, Power Issuing, Isotonic & Isometric
Exercises, Weighted Workouts, Weight Training, Power Yoga, Qi Gong, and Visualization Training.

Chi Kung this is S5CBA's internal training program. Here, the student will learn a variety of internal methods aimed at health,
healing and longevity. This program draws from the myriad of internal practices contained in Ng Ga Kuen as well as practices
from outside our system.

T.A.P.S.S. (Tactical & Practical Safety Strategies) These courses offered by our Tactical Training Unit (S5TTU) are aimed at
teaching students aspects of Safety & Awareness, Tactical Intelligence, Emergency Response, Urban Combat and Armed
Personal Defense.

All other programs offered by S5CBA (Strength & Fitness, Rape Prevention, Self Defense & Fitness for the Seniors) are
Short-Term Training Programs offered via revolving 8-12 week sessions.

All other Services offered by S5CBA (Security & Law Enforcement Tactics, Seminars, Workshops, Private Lessons, etc) are
offered on a contracted basis.  Please call to inquire about these options.
For further information about any of our programs, location, days and times,
please contact one of our Sifus listed below. We both have full time jobs so please
leave a message if we don't answer your call. We will get back to you ASAP